22 November 2009

Always Show your GTalk status IDLE

GTalk is my favorite online messenger.  I always chat with my friends through GTalk only. When i am busy in my office or home i like to show my gtalk status is idle. In sometimes i like to show i'm far away from my sysytem. But if i'm chatting with others it is not possible. I need to overcome the problem, so i searched the Internet and finally found the solution.

I can show my status always Idle by the software called GAlwaysIdle. If u also have the same issue, do the following steps:

You need to download the software zip file. It is very less size (45 KB) only. It take few seconds to download. If once you download the zip file, extract it. Inside the folder only two files available. ie., gidle.exe and gidle.dll. You need click the gidle.exe.

This is the GTalk option before you installed GAlwaysIdle.

And this is the GTalk option after you installed GAlwaysIdle.

Here you can find Three Options:

Normal Idle:  It is normal option. That is if you chat with your friends it show available and if you far away or did not use GTalk for more than 30 minutes it show Idle status.

Always Idle: If you select this option what ever you do in GTalk it always show your status is Idle only.

Never Idle: If you select this option and you far away from your system it show Available status only.

In recent days the the galwaysidle site is down and you cannot download the software from the website.

So you can download the software from my storage.
GAlwaysIdle click the link to download the zip file.