14 March 2010

Block or Delete unwanted mails in Gmail

If you receiving annoying mails from some of your old friends or any newsletter. Here is the way to block or delete the mails without read the mails.

1. Login your Gmail Account.

2. Click Setting in the right side top corner.

3. Click the Fliters tab and click create a new filter.

4. In the From tab enter the email id which you want to block.

5. After filling the From click the Next step.

6.In the list of Checkbox Check , Delete it and click Create Filter button.

After automatically all your annoying mails will delete without reach your inbox.

08 February 2010

The iPod Cannot Be Synced. The Required File Is Locked

Recently i faced a big problem in my APPLE IPOD SHUFFLE. I solved the problem in a new way.

Before i synced my ipod with iTunes version 8.1 .
Later when i try to sync my ipod with iTunes version 7.2, i got the error 
The iPod [ipod_name] Cannot Be Synced. The Required File Is Locked.

I searched in net and i got some solutions. But nothing helped me. So finally i restored my iTunes settings.

If you like to restore the settings you cannot get your songs in iTunes library.
So if you have backup of your songs and videos , you can restore it.

The following steps explain how to restore your settings in iTunes.
You should have internet connection for this operation.

   1) Select Settings in your iTunes, Click the Restore option in the window.

  2) You get the following Message box. Click the Restore button
 3) It contacting the ipod software update server
 5) After 15 sceonds it restart the application.

 6) You should enter the name for your ipod and click Done

   7) Then you get your ipod inside the iTunes.

8) Update the songs in the library and Autofill (Sync) it.

Hope it helped you. Please share your feedbacks.