22 November 2009

Forward Gmail to Other Mail Service Automatically

Do u need to forward the GMAIL mails to any other mail services or your office mail IDs.

Here is the way, The following steps instruct to change the settings:

1) Login your GMAIL account.

2) Select Settings Option.

3) In the Setting tabs Click Forwarding and POP/IMAP.

4) Enable the Forward a copy of incoming mail option.

5) Enter the email id which you like to forward your gmail, in the Forward a   copy of incoming mail to ________ box.
    Example: In the picture i entered my other service mail-id.
6) In the drop down menu you get three options:
 a) keep Gmail's copy in the Inbox: It store the mails in Gmail inbox and forward the desired email also.

 b) archive Gmail's copy: It mark the mails read and remove from the inbox and also forward the desired email. But keep them in the archive for later search and retrieval.

 c) delete Gmail's copy: It moves the mail to trash and forward the desired email also.

7) Finally click Save Changes.   


Always Show your GTalk status IDLE

GTalk is my favorite online messenger.  I always chat with my friends through GTalk only. When i am busy in my office or home i like to show my gtalk status is idle. In sometimes i like to show i'm far away from my sysytem. But if i'm chatting with others it is not possible. I need to overcome the problem, so i searched the Internet and finally found the solution.

I can show my status always Idle by the software called GAlwaysIdle. If u also have the same issue, do the following steps:

You need to download the software zip file. It is very less size (45 KB) only. It take few seconds to download. If once you download the zip file, extract it. Inside the folder only two files available. ie., gidle.exe and gidle.dll. You need click the gidle.exe.

This is the GTalk option before you installed GAlwaysIdle.

And this is the GTalk option after you installed GAlwaysIdle.

Here you can find Three Options:

Normal Idle:  It is normal option. That is if you chat with your friends it show available and if you far away or did not use GTalk for more than 30 minutes it show Idle status.

Always Idle: If you select this option what ever you do in GTalk it always show your status is Idle only.

Never Idle: If you select this option and you far away from your system it show Available status only.

In recent days the the galwaysidle site is down and you cannot download the software from the website.

So you can download the software from my storage.
GAlwaysIdle click the link to download the zip file.


13 November 2009

Block Unwanted Advertisements in Firefox

When we open a top level website we find a lot of advertisements on the page. Sometimes it may help us to meet out our requirements. But this is not always the case. For slow connection users it slows down the page load speed further. In this Condition we need to avoid the advertisements.

To overcome this problem (in slow connection) we can use Adblock Plus Add-on provided by Firefox. It blocks the advertisements by entering the url of the site name.

The following steps guide you in using the Adblock Add-on for the very requirement:

Install the Add-on and select "Option".

 In the Window select the "Filters" -> "Add Filter".

In the New filter box add the url of the site which you like to block (the advertisement site).
In the "My Ad Blocking Rules" it shows the list of advertisements which were blocked already.

Click OK and Apply.

If you feel this method is quite complex, you can use the below mentioned method too. Right click on the advertisement. It will show various options. The last option is the Adblock plus.

As shown in the image below.   Adblock Plus :Block Image...

You can also check the number of HITS (How many times it blocks the Advertisements) from the Preferences.

12 November 2009

Get your INDIC language by typing in ENGLISH

Many of us would feel to write certain things in our mother tongue rather than in English. There is an easy way to get the words written in our mother tongue by typing in English. Great isn't it?

Blogger has a feature that helps users to type in their own Indic languages. It helps the user to publish the post in their own language. But Blogger gives only 5 languages...

Google Transliterate:
Recently Google Labs introduced the Google Transliteration using which the typed contents be got in the respective Indic languages that a user wishes. This feature of Google provides transliteration for 11 Indic languages...

04 November 2009

Unhide Your Password in Firefox

The article is going to give you an alert about the unhidden password.

Unhide Password is a Firefox Add-on that shows all passwords by displaying them in text instead of the Asterisks or Dot symbol.

If you installed the add-on you can change the option.

In the Show password? option you can select Yes or No.
If you choose Yes, unhide password will work.

If you choose No, the password will use Asterisks or Dot symbol.

In the Password style, can select bold or Italic and Color.

To avoid the people can't see your password, select light shade colors and type the password.

So the people sitting some distance can't see.

It can be used for checking your long length password typed in the browser.

Note: Please Don't try this in Browsing center !


03 November 2009

Keyword to your Favorite Websites in FIREFOX

Bookmark option is helped to store your favorite website in Firefox.

you can store your favorite website by clicking      Ctrl+D.

In next time if you need to see your favorite website,
you click
Bookmarks -> bookmark_name.

This option is old one, you can use this option in a short way.

Select the bookmark and right click, in the properties window you can find Keyword box.

In the keyword box just type a character , then save the options.

Now move to address bar and type the character then it direct to your favorite website.